Can My Spouse Spy On Me During A Divorce Using My iPhone

During a divorce it is important to maintain privacy and security during confidential communications – especially those with your lawyer. In some cases, your spouse might be planning for a divorce and is gathering evidence to possibly use against you.

Is it legal for my spouse to spy on my iPhone?

No they cannot – it is illegal under Federal and State law to intercept or access private electronic information kept in electronic storage. It is also illegal to hack your spouse’s cell phone for text messages, Facebook, or email account(s).

How can prevent this from happening?

If you have an iPhone or iPad, then your data is automatically uploaded to iCloud. To prevent this from happening, you need to make changes to your account or device settings – it is important to make sure that your text messages stay private. If your spouse knows your iCloud account and your iCloud password, they can get pretty much get an exact copy of your cell phone without putting any spyware on it.

If you and your spouse have a family or share iCloud account, this will give your spouse access to information on your iPhone including your location, photographs, contacts, and text messages, etc. Make sure you create a new iCloud account that only you can access.

What can I do to protect my privacy during a divorce?

First, create a new email address account that only you can access. This will ensure that your communications are private and secure. You can set up a new secure email through Google (gmail) or Yahoo for free.

Second, if you do keep the same email, iCloud and Facebook accounts, etc. – make sure that you change the passwords to these accounts to make sure that all your communications remain private and secure.

What are other ways that your spouse can spy or track you?

Cell phones are the most common device used to spy on and track people. However, a spouse may also use a computer or tablet to access email accounts, or Facebook and Instagram accounts as well. Additionally, a GPS tracker can be used to track you and your vehicle’s whereabouts.

When it comes to a divorce, you do you do not want to make it easy for your spouse to spy, track or possibly even stalk you. It is important to protect your privacy and safety. If you suspect that your spouse is spying on you, they need to think about why your being spied on. Make sure you are safe – safety should always be your number one concern.