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Dedicated Family Law Advocates

Child Custody And Visitation

When adults treat the divorce process as a competition, children often become the prize of a winner-take-all match. Some parents would rather win a perceived victory over their former spouse than obtain the custody arrangement that is actually in the best interests of their children. We work hard with our clients to maximize parenting time while still protecting the child’s health and happiness.

The family law attorneys at The Barnett Firm have steadfastly advocated for our clients’ custody and visitation rights for more than 10 years. We have the legal insight that you need to address your concerns regarding custody and design a parenting agreement that allows you maximum access to your children.

When you retain our services in East Tennessee, you will work with a lawyer who has extensive experience handling a variety of custody and visitation matters such as:

  • Developing and revising child custody actions
  • Drafting and modifying parenting plans
  • Promoting grandparents’ rights
  • Obtaining access for single fathers
  • Terminating the parental rights of unfit parents
  • Strengthening fathers’ rights

Receive Guidance And Perspective On Your Custody Dispute

Fighting for custody without legal counsel can result in truly disastrous results. If your former spouse is committed to securing sole custody of your child and you are concerned about the consequences of court action, you need a well-prepared course of action.

Fears of parental alienation and restricted contact with children can motivate parents and guardians to inadvertently act in ways that harm their interests in the future. Our staff advocates on your behalf, not only to fight for your rights in court but also educate you on the repercussions of certain actions. You gain from our honest communication and our long-term legal perspective.

Efficient Solutions For Complex Conflicts

We take pride in reaching satisfactory resolutions to our clients’ difficult custody and visitation disputes. Because we emphasize efficiency, we can help you avoid a prolonged legal battle in Tennessee’s family court. This allows you to focus on your relationship with your children.

Increase Your Leverage By Contacting Our Legal Team

To reach a dedicated family law attorney, dial or complete our firm’s online questionnaire. During our consultation, we will review your case and identify your best options.

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