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Answers To Your Commonly Asked Questions About Divorce

You deserve straightforward, honest answers to your questions regarding divorce. These are some of the questions that The Barnett Firm‘s clients ask when they consult us about the divorce process.

Q. How Long Will My Divorce Take?

A. There are numerous factors that influence the duration of a divorce. Traditional litigation, in which each party presents their argument in court before a judge, tends to take longer than resolving a divorce through private negotiations or mediation. Other factors that can influence the length of a divorce include your financial situation, the level of cooperation between you and your spouse, and whether either of you contest aspects of the divorce. Ultimately, a divorce can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months — or even years.

Q. What Will Happen To My Children?

A. If you and your child’s other parent cannot agree on a custody arrangement, then the decision will be left to the court. The circumstances of each child custody case are unique, as is each custody and visitation decree. Tennessee family courts award custody and visitation based on the best interests of the child. This may mean that you and your former spouse share physical and legal custody. It may also mean that only one parent has physical custody, or that one parent does not have any custody over the child.

Q. What Property May I Lose?

The state can divide any marital property — any property and assets that you and your spouse acquired during your marriage — equitably between the two of you. This does not necessarily mean that the court will divide your assets 50-50, but distribute them fairly between both parties. This leaves a wide range of interpretation. To obtain a favorable property distribution decree, you should work with a lawyer who can protect your best interests in negotiations or in court.

Q. Do I Really Need An Attorney For My Case?

Some spouses attempt to handle their divorce cases on their own, only to lose precious time and money when they counter complicated legal obstacles. It is in your best interests to work with an experienced lawyer who understands state and local divorce laws, has represented many clients, and has a proven record of obtaining favorable divorce and custody outcomes. The Barnett Firm meets all of these criteria, having assisted clients in East Tennessee for over a decade.

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