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Terminating Parental Rights To Secure Your Child’s Well-Being

Although Tennessee laws may allow your child’s parent to care and have custody of your child, you know that these rights do not support your child’s best interests. If the parent of your child no longer visits or provides financial support, you may take legal action to strengthen your custody rights and prevent an absent parent from asserting his or her rights in the future. In our state, this action is called “termination of parental rights.”

At The Barnett Firm, our legal professionals have counseled concerned parents and guardians throughout the proceedings that remove parental rights. Engaging in this process gives you more authority to make decisions that affect your child and enables a non-biological parent or guardian to adopt your child. Drawing on 10 years’ of family law experience, our attorneys can educate you on the aspects of this legal action.

When you partner with us, you receive the value-added counsel of a knowledgeable and committed staff. Guided by our comprehensive litigation background, we can streamline this often complex procedure. We are familiar with steps that must be taken to resolve this matter and the deadlines we need to meet to comply with the legal code.

Promoting The Best Interest Of Your Child Through Legal Action

Our family law counselors have helped clients with a range of matters related to termination and adoption, including:

  • Termination of parental rights
  • Stepparent adoption
  • Grandparent adoption

At our practice, your case will be represented by a seasoned lawyer who is familiar not only with navigating the judicial system but also with the unique attributes of your situation. Therefore, we can customize a legal plan that best addresses your concerns and protects your child’s interests.

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