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How Can I See My Children If Their Mother Won’t Let Me?

You are no longer romantically involved with your child’s mother. The two of you never married, but you still wish to be involved in your children’s lives. However, your former partner will not let you visit them. The pain of missing your children is overwhelming, and you do not know where to turn.

If you are an unmarried father, you need strong legal guidance to help you gain visitation rights. The Barnett Firm is the experienced law firm to represent you. Every day, we strive to uphold fathers’ rights in the Tennessee family court system. Work with attorneys who have over a decade of experience fighting for fathers’ rights.

You Have Rights As A Father

While Tennessee automatically grants parental rights to a child’s biological mother, the same is not true for a child’s biological father. To obtain custodial and visitation rights, a father must initiate a legal procedure called paternity. By establishing his paternity, a man can access his rights to custody or visitation with his child.

Some fathers feel that the family court system gives preference to a child’s mother. However, you do not have to relinquish your rights as a father. Tennessee courts have an obligation to treat mothers and fathers equally. The attorneys at The Barnett Firm can help protect your rights. Together, we will work to get you the visitation plan that you deserve.

Start The Process To Gain Visitation With Your Child

Protect your rights as a father and work with a lawyer to gain visitation. Call our law firm in Knoxville at 865-474-1028 to speak with a lawyer, or contact us online.

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