Ways to avoid fights over custody

While you and your spouse are trying to negotiate custody of your child during your Tennessee divorce, you may feel that you have learned why people call it a custody “battle.” At The Barnett Firm, we often help parents take steps to smooth the process and come to an agreement that works in the best interests of the child.

Here are some tips from Parents.com for defusing the fights.

  1. Determine what schedule will work for you
  2. Before you begin to negotiate, you should analyze what days and times will allow you to spend the most quality time with your child. Having more days on the schedule does not guarantee that you will get to be with your child more. Choose quality and concede quantity when necessary.

    You and your spouse may want to get your child’s input on the schedule, depending on your child’s age. It is important to keep school, sports and social events in mind.

  3. Treat your spouse like a business partner
  4. You no longer have to deal with all the frustrations of the marital relationship. Although your spouse will soon only be your child’s other parent to you, raising a child together is a task that requires communication and cooperation. If it is difficult to speak to your spouse right now, find other ways to communicate, such as email, text, messaging apps and calendars. At all cost, avoid saying negative things to or about your spouse, especially in front of your child.

  5. Be flexible

Life will get in the way of the parenting schedule. It is inevitable. How you handle things when your child’s other parent needs an adjustment could make a difference in how he or she treats you when it is your own life that goes off-kilter. Keep in mind that your child is watching. Seeing the two of you work out issues without conflict will also help your child to feel more stable.

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