Warning signs of impending divorce

While there are obvious signs, such as abuse or extreme unhappiness, that indicate a divorce is looming in Tennessee, there are other ones that may not be as clear. The following warning signals may indicate that if a couple does not make changes for the better, a breakup may be on the horizon.

According to Today, there are certain signs that indicate a relationship needs help. If gut instincts, or family and friends, encourage you to end things, this is not a good sign. Avoiding each other or living separate lives indicate trouble. Certain changes in behavior, priorities or values also make divorce more of a possibility.

PsychCentral discusses what marriage therapists term the Four Horsemen, and they are the main predictors of divorce. One is stonewalling, in which one shuts down or walks off to avoid conflict. This can look like being cold, smug or disconnected from the conversation.

Showing contempt in the form of sarcasm, disgust, name-calling or eye rolling is an indicator for divorce because it has the intent of psychological abuse. The third predictor is criticism, in which you attack the other’s character to make them wrong and you right. The final predictor is defensiveness. This can look like whining, making excuses or acting like a victim.

Couples who can recognize these behaviors can take steps to repair the situation. Experts say it is important to slow down and figure out what actual feelings are causing the conduct and to look at things from the other spouse’s perspective.