Jealousy is not uncommon during divorce

There are many ways to break down the emotional challenges that couples often face when they navigate through the divorce process. In this post, we will take a look at jealousy, and some of the reasons why this can be problematic. If you have these feelings, you should not be hard on yourself, especially since many people are unhappy with how their divorce is moving forward. Moreover, feelings of jealousy frequently arise after a divorce, especially when they involve finances or kids. With this being said, jealousy can make life harder and may get in the way of your attempt to secure a good outcome.

Some people are very jealous that their ex will be able to have more time with the children, while others may be jealous about some other facet of their former spouse’s life (such as their career or their lifestyle). Sometimes, those who have had to work hard to acquire assets may be unhappy that their property was subjected to division during the divorce. Moreover, some people may be jealous that their former wife or husband has more support from friends, family members and even their own children.

Unfortunately, feelings of jealousy can become very overwhelming and they can cloud one’s mind. These emotions can get in the way of someone’s ability to prepare for their divorce and do all in their power to obtain a better outcome. You should try to set aside any negative emotions you are experiencing during a divorce, but at the same time, you should also realize that these feelings are completely normal.

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