How To Choose A Divorce Attorney?

When you finally decide that you want a divorce, one of the first questions that will come to your mind is – now what? Do I need a lawyer? How do I choose a divorce lawyer? What is the divorce process? Etc.

The truth is that the more that you and your spouse can agree on, the easier your divorce will be both emotionally and financially.

If you want to get divorced amicably, then do not hire a bulldog attorney who will only escalate the conflict between you and your spouse. However, if your spouse has already hired a bulldog lawyer and you are in court fighting for your life, you need to hire an attorney who can handle that as well.

If you have a lot of assets, own companies, or have a complicated financial situation, then you will need an attorney who understands finances and is equipped to handle a complicated divorce.

If you have a short marriage, no kids, no real estate and are not dividing any retirement plans, hiring a lawyer will cost much less.

No one wants to pay thousands of dollars to a divorce attorney. If you own multiple properties and have a large salary, then you CAN afford to hire a divorce lawyer to make sure your rights are protected. The fact that you do not want to pay a divorce attorney is another issue. In many cases, NOT hiring a divorce lawyer can cost you more than you save.

First, ask your friends and family for a referral. If this does not result in a name, then do your homework.

Find a lawyer who is experienced in divorce and family law. When you are getting a divorce – you want to have an experienced divorce attorney on your side.  This is not the time to hire a general practice attorney, you need a lawyer who concentrates ONLY in divorce and family law.

Interview 2 or 3 lawyers before you choose a divorce lawyer. Take the time to meet at least two different lawyers and think about what each lawyer told you. Then you can choose the attorney who uses an approach that you prefer and that you are comfortable with.

Your divorce lawyer is going to guide and advise you throughout the divorce process. No matter which divorce lawyer you choose, getting divorced still will not be easy and painless. By choosing the right divorce lawyer, you can make your divorce experience the best it can be.