How long will my divorce take?

Are you ready to get out of your marriage and move on with your life? If you are, you likely want this to happen as soon as possible, but you understand that the divorce process does take time. How long does it take to get a divorce in Tennessee?

There actually is no specific time frame for how long the divorce process takes. It is different for every couple. Contested divorces tend to take the longest to finalize — anywhere from months to years. Uncontested divorces can take 60 to 90 days depending on whether a couple has children. The state does have a waiting period that a couple must satisfy before the petition to dissolve the marriage will be considered.

So, how long will your divorce take? It all depends on a number of factors. Legal counsel will help you get through it as swiftly as possible while at the same time making sure you walk away with a fair settlement. To learn more about how a family law attorney can help you dissolve your marriage, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.

Divorce is not an easy thing to get through. That does not mean it will drag on forever or that you will have to accept less than you deserve just to get it over with. No matter how long your divorce takes, legal counsel will be at your side to walk you through it and make sure that your final settlement is not only fair but that it is in compliance with Tennessee family laws.