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Know Your Rights As A Grandparent

You long to spend time with your grandchildren, but their mother or father has prohibited you from visiting. When grandparents do not have access to their grandchildren, the results can be emotionally heart-wrenching. Grandparents lose an opportunity to develop a bond with their grandchildren. Many grandchildren need a close relationship with their grandparents to be happy and healthy.

If you are a grandparent and you wish to have more time with your grandchildren, you may need to work with a family law attorney. At The Barnett Firm, based in East Tennessee, our attorneys can help you advocate for your right to visit your grandchildren. Exercising your rights can be difficult, but having a knowledgeable attorney on your side is the first step to success.

When Can Grandparents Get Visitation Rights In Tennessee?

The court will not grant a visitation order to grandparents simply because they want more time with their grandchildren and the child’s parents will not allow it. There must be several mitigating factors present, including:

  • One or both of the child’s parents is deceased
  • A parent has been missing for at least six months
  • The child lived with the grandparents for at least one year
  • A court in another state issued a visitation order

The grandparent must also be able to prove at least one of the following to the court:

  • The child will suffer severe emotional harm if their relationship with their grandparent ends
  • The child will suffer emotionally because the grandparent was the primary caregiver for at least six months
  • The child will be in danger without a relationship with the grandparent

Persuading a court of these conditions can be very difficult. It is best to work with a lawyer who can mount a persuasive argument for your side.

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