Guiding You Through Divorce And Post-Divorce Proceedings

The decision to divorce, whether it is made jointly or by one spouse, is never easy. Dissolving a marriage bond is stressful as it requires cooperation among individuals already at odds. Finding answers to questions on family health care, housing, budgets, and education in a short time only increases tension.

If you are attempting to resolve domestic matters on your own, unfamiliarity with procedures and deadlines may jeopardize your ability to secure the best outcome for you and your loved ones. Having a legal ally to navigate the divorce and post-divorce process helps maximize your chance of reaching a divorce settlement that benefits you.

The Barnett Firm has been protecting our clients in East Tennessee from unfavorable decrees for over a decade. Our family law attorneys use their substantial litigation experience to design aggressive strategies to reach the settlement you deserve. As your advocates, we use our extensive legal knowledge to drive negotiations with opposing counsel and fight for your family's long-term safety and stability.

Promoting Your Interests With Zealous Representation -- Even After Divorce Is Final

When children, property and assets are involved, you often find yourself forced to address post-divorce issues such as child support modifications or custody modifications. Our lawyers will assess your unique circumstances and give you a straightforward evaluation of your best options to these.

We have advised hundreds of clients on matters such as:

This may be your first encounter with Tennessee's court system, but our attorneys will educate you on the process, keeping you fully informed of your case's progress and help you take the next steps. We pride ourselves on our commitment to educating our clients to make the best informed decisions. We will give you direct answers to your legal questions so that you can make smart choices about the issues that matter most.

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